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Clark Health and Safety Ltd. 
Looking after your safety and quality management systems provides great material benefit to an organization through controlling loss. I started Clark Health and Safety to provide guidance in building and maintaining functional, complete and appropriate management systems for organizations. Many companies wish to go further and achieve COR or ISO certification and can benefit from my experience and guidance in reaching those goals. I can help you navigate the daunting documentation, paperwork and often confusing requirements for conformance and compliance, whether you are just starting out, rebuilding or revamping.
Who I am
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Daniel Clark, BSc., CRSP, NCSO, CQIA

I am a Calgary-based Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) working with organizations to build or improve QHSE management systems. I have worked mainly with companies in the energy industry, particularly those in service roles, to work towards better safety and quality management. 

I have formal training and education as well as years of experience in corporate safety management, which I applied to my professional designation as a CRSP. In quality, I have coordinated the build of entire quality management systems, completed audits and have a thorough grasp of the ISO framework and what it means for your organization.

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